Questions People Ask Me

Did you vote to narrow Beach Road?
I’ve always supported the completion of the Bay Trail, but never the narrowing of Beach Rd.

Are you old enough to run in the election?
Thank you, Kirk from Waterways! Not a frequently asked question, but yes.

Do you accept donations?
I’m 100% funded by myself and my husband. I don’t accept donations, however I do accept your feedback and smart ideas.

What suburb do you live in? 
Aspendale Gardens… also known as ‘Assy G’ or my Jackal favourite, the ‘Garden Gnomes’

What do you believe is the number 1 issue for council to tackle? Why?
Building a positive culture of responsiveness and openness to new ideas. Parkrun is a great example, we have 200 walkers, runners and volunteers getting out together each week. We need to encourage more great ideas like this! 

Are you a member of a political party?
Yes, I joined the local Liberal Party branch because I want to make a positive difference. For common-sense initiatives, it’s a force multiplier. On council, nobody tells liberals or true independents how to vote. I make up my own mind. I appreciate individual freedom.

It’s all good and well to say you put the interests of people before that of a party, but surely you’d only align yourself with a party that holds the same values as you?

I care about equal opportunities in a tolerant and diverse society. Seeing the potential in everyone. As a teacher, forgiveness and growth. These are Liberal values. If these are your values too, I invite you to join me.

I understand you say they don’t influence your vote, but I thought councillors could not be in a political party?
Yes we are able to be. I don’t take any donations. My vote is my own, and is based on consultation and what is most balanced our community. It’s healthy to have councillors with political diversity as long as they are willing to listen to each other and find common ground.

Thanks Tamsin. So why do people give labor councillors flack about being controlled?
In my experience, Labor take a direct interest and have rules about their councillors having to caucus beforehand. Liberals are hands off – I wouldn’t have joined the party otherwise. I’d see it as a conflict of interest.

What have been some big achievements so far?
Aside from our amazing Children and Family Hubs, we’ve changed council policies and attitudes which saw us welcome independent film festivals, summer carnivals and food truck festivals to Kingston.

What is your occupation? 
Primary School Teacher – Robotics and Technology. I’m very proud of my students… and even more so of parents during lockdown.

What has been your biggest regret?
There’s never enough time in the day, and always more to do. Next on my to-do list is small business support to recover from lockdown, more respite care for children with disabilities, better street tree policy, wetland extension, better resources for the immunisation team, better drainage and that’s just the start.

What do you think of fluoride in the water?
Yes, a real question! So I grew up in a small country town, Warragul. Two older siblings and my twin. My parents, both teachers, gave us regular fluoride tablets due to the lack of treated water supply. Contrary to urban myths, It didn’t seem to negatively affect my IQ, in fact the opposite. I graduated dux of secondary school, and state-wide dux of VCE for IT. When Jeff Kennett presented the award, he shook my hand and said ‘we could do with smart people like you in politics!’. Fast forward twenty years later, here I am. So maybe you could blame fluoride!

But wait, there’s more. When I was living in London, I went for a dentist appointment. Half way through, in the chair with my mouth wide open, an entire class of dental students paraded through. ‘Guess where this person grew up?’ said the dentist. ‘Somewhere where there’s a fluoridated water supply!’ said the class. Yay for science!

Are you really a twin?
Yes! See if you can tell us apart 🙂

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