What People Say

With Councillor Bearsley as Mayor, the communication from her and her office to other community organisations has been fantastic, not always the way of Council. Her interest in building relationships with those who do what they can to assist the people and businesses in the City of Kingston, with a view to achieving positive outcomes for their needs has been wonderful.

Phil Wall

Tamsin is very down to earth in her approach as mayor, a very positive trait possessing open communication skills.

Faye McLachlan

Great leadership shown by our mayor Tamsin Bearsley – a credit to the role and to Kingston council.

Karen Eastwood

Tamsin’s enthusiasm and “get it done” attitude was soooo helpful in getting Parkrun up and running (every pun intended!) in our community. She is a leader who leads from the front and encourages others to give their best. A great team player, Tamsin has been a most inclusive mayor of our fair city!

Peta Mary

Well done to Cr Tamsin Bearsley for your cool head and leadership to not only handle this situation, but earn the respect of our Kingston community by your strong and fair leadership.

Di Sharp

Cr Tamsin Bearsley, Mayor keeping a cool head, just the type of Mayor we need, situations like these show us who our true leaders are.

Bec Swinton

I have so much respect for Tamsin Bearsley! Through her measured approach, hard work, patience and persistence she has been able to secure positive outcomes for Kingston. I believe as Mayor she has focused on giving to the community not only her best but also her heart! If only we could clone her …

Jacqueline Carr

Cr Tamsin Bearsley has a great local community presence. She is a wonderful role model and has shown dedication, passion and integrity in her role as Mayor. She is an active member of my local community and a really wonderful and kind person.

Carolyn Gray

It’s a good thing we have some decent councillors like Geoff Gledhill and Tamsin Bearsley who are able to rise above council’s behaviour!

Iain Collins

Steady guidance is clearly the path forward and something Cr Bearsley not only strives for but has delivered since taking over the reins. Tamsin, Ron, and Geoff collectively are continually focused on the big picture and most importantly the community in its entirety.

Chad Henry

Mayor Bearsley did as she always has and handled the situation beautifully. She is a credit to Kingston and your vote belongs to her for the upcoming election.

Sarah May

Well done to Cr Gledhill and Cr Bearsley for keeping cool heads. Their focus has always been on our community in Kingston, the people and the infrastructure. I’ve always been proud to be a member of Kingston community especially with the strong representation of Mayors Gledhill and Bearsley. Good to see they don’t get caught up in the childish politics and game playing and focus on what’s important.

Belinda Ann

Cr Tamsin Bearsley, Mayor has supported the Aspendale Gardens community and worked tirelessly over the last 4 years and deserves reelection. I hope to see some other South Ward Councillors take a similar approach.

Katrina Harrison

I love how Cr Tamsin Bearsley listens to her community. Recently I attended a council planning meeting. Tamsin remained behind long after the meeting was complete, to listen to the concerns of local residents, parents & other objectors. It was so nice to be listened to by our Mayor. What a great community leader!

Kirsty Byrnes

Tamsin has set a very high standard as Mayor and her attitude and appreciation of of all members of the community is excellent.

Margaret Shields

Tasmin Bearsley again you have displayed great leadership. You have served the Kingston community so well. The progress made and the improvements you have delivered are greatly appreciated.

Stephen Hunter